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this website SAVED MY BRAIN when i was a stressed out college student who couldn’t stop flipping out long enough to prioritize. quite a few of you are still suffering through college so i hope this helps you too!! c:

reblogging this like the wind and god bless the person who made this

i know how to do the calculation longhand or at least i used to, but hearing it from someone else always silences my irritating voice of anxiety a little better so hopefully some other people can appreciate that effect too

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By Anna Aniskina

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CSS goodies to use in your theme now


Here are some CSS goodies I’ve been using a couple of my themes and are perfect to add to your themes for a polished look.

Change up the selection color

Example of highlighted text with new color

Don’t stick with the drab defaults that show in your browser when you highlight stuff. A simple CSS snippet below (thanks HTML5 Boilerplate) can be used to change the color:

::-moz-selection { background: #f2f2f2; color: #fff; }
::selection { background: #f2f2f2; color: #fff; }

Replace #f2f2f2 with your color of choice.

Get fancy blockquotes

Homepage of CSS Arrow Please!

So you’ve tried all the possible CSS styles to add to quotes?

Make your own pure CSS arrows with CSS Arrow Please which automatically generates CSS based on your inputs. Just change .arrow_box to whatever the class you’re using for your blockquotes to add this interesting effect.

Sweet transparency

If you aren’t aware you can use RGBA colors to add transparency.

The RGB part you might be familiar with, it’s the red, green and blue mix for the color. The cool stuff happens with the A (alpha), use this to set a transparency to the color.

Here’s an example. In the CSS I’ve set the background color of the object like this:

#promo_box {
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9);


Notice how instead of just making the background pitch black, it’s made it a bit transparent, just what we wanted.

Shadows: back in black


CSS3 introduces box shadows, you’ve probably already seen it in a couple of themes already.

The properties that ‘box-shadow’ takes, shown below, are horizontal offset, vertical offset, blur radius, spread distance and color.

article {
box-shadow: 0 0 5px -3px #000000;

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View the larger chart and get a downloadable version here!

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levibrush | tcl-escuelerascript | karine-aime | acryle-script | angelique | jasmine |

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on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

tag em

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grapes bubblegum

#f9d5f8 #f5c7f9 #efbbfa #e2b0fc #d2a6fb #c69efa #b994fa

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Since I’ve been getting questions about where I find my backgrounds, I decided to make a little post and dump all the backgrounds that I have saved in this post.

Also, check out my “colors” tag here for more!

There’s just some! But it’s what I have:


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